Our Story

Born and raised in Kansas into a big, loving family. Andy Renyer, our founder and CEO, number 12 out of 13 kiddos, followed in the footsteps of his parents who dedicated their lives to organic farming. 
Farming felt natural to Andy as he spent his childhood learning from his parents the ins and out of farming life. This led him to start a manufacturing seed treating business with his brother. As 2018 rolled around, Congress passed the Agriculture Improvement Act, known as the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized the production and sale of industrial hemp and hemp derivatives, including CBD. This is where the Ren-U story really begins. 
Andy wanted to start manufacturing the best possible equipment for hemp farmers, but  decided in doing so, he needed to understand everything about the hemp plant itself.
So he planted 50 acres of industrial hemp for CBD in Sabetha, Kansas. What started out as an idea for better hemp farming equipment evolved into something much more special. Andy began learning of all the benefits hemp offers thanks to his wife, Sarah, who had always taken a high interest in healthy natural remedies. 
Having a big family of their own, three boys and a girl, who are all active and participate in sports on a regular basis. Andy and Sarah decided to reap the benefits of their own grown hemp and create CBD products for their families personal use. Sore muscles became a thing of the past for the Renyer family, inspiring the birth of Ren-U CBD products.